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All Seven Turtle Species are Considered Threatened or Endangered.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

The Ocean contains 97% of the world's water. We NEED to take care of it.

The Tubular Turtle team is extremely excited to grow this community and make a real difference. There are many additional concepts, ideas and initiatives we plan on adding to our roadmap as the project progresses. Please note that this is a fluid roadmap. Concepts will be added and removed based on sales/trade volume and community suggestions.

Presale has closed out, project initiatives are on the move. Next up is Phase 1! This will include 2,000 units and the project moves forward!

We’ve partnered with several prominent organizations to sponsor huge beach clean ups around the nation! Organization names and clean up dates will be dropped once step is reached!

Join Discord for more details

Fresh TT gear will be released directly fueling the organization’s cause and furthering our influence and reach offline. Snag yours and represent the community.

The program will allow us to select 3 organization ambassadors to attend cause related activities nationwide. Travel & accommodations will be provided. All owners will have a chance at this amazing opportunity.

Massive treasure hunt hosted in the Hawaiian Islands! A group of randomly selected owners will travel around the island solving puzzles and clues as they make their way toward the grand prize! Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to win over $150,000 in cash and prizes!
  • (5) Owners + 1 Companion Each Fly First Class to Hawaii
  • (1) Week Luxurious Suite Level Accommodations
  • 1st Place – $100,000
  • 2nd Place – Brand New Tesla Model 3
  • All Transportation and Food Included
  • Scheduled Group Outing/Event





Web Developer


The Tubular Turtle concept was created during a brainstorm session on how to create an active, passionate community around the concept of conservation.

Each turtle is custom generated from a slew of hand drawn attributes. No turtle is the same!

YES! There will be plenty of merchandise options available for Tubular Owners to get and represent the movement.

ETH! There is a mint button at the top of the page, once the transaction is complete your turtle will automatically be created and delivered.

The Tubular Turtle Ambassador program is truly unique! Our community will select 3 owners to represent us at nationwide (potentially worldwide!) events in relation to the cause. The Ambassador’s travel and trip expenses will be paid for by us! LEGENDARY!

We’ve partnered with a ton of amazing brands, organizations and athletes who’ll be providing a bunch of great giveaways. Stay tuned for partnership information, contest dates and fun updates.

Once this milestone is hit, a treasure map will unlock for all Tubular Turtle owners. Navigate your way through the map to earn your share of a treasure chest full of ETH.

Our project is unique for many reasons. Primarily the active roll we plan on playing in the conservation space, unique roadmap inclusions and the overall community of like minded individuals we’ll be connecting.

Partnerships will start to be announced after the first presale event! Stay tuned and follow us on all social sites.

Ohhhhhh, you wish you knew! This roadmap milestone is currently listed as TOP SECRET. As we work our way through the roadmap it’s will be revealed to our NFT owners. You better believe its BIG.

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Thank you for Saving the Turtles!

See you at atlantis!